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Michael has been in the lifestyle coaching and mentoring industry for over 20 years. Internationally, Michael has helped hundreds of motivated, entrepreneurial people achieve their goals.

Michael is a dedicated and passionate coach who works with like minded people looking to achieve financial freedom and the lifestyle they desire.

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Graham P. Brisbane

Michael Anderson has not only developed a hugely successful business, but more importantly he has helped thousands of people start and develop there own business. He has personally helped several of his business associates to not only have there own business but to also become millionaires themselves. Michael is a quiet achiever, someone who can […]

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Jenny S Perth.

Michael Anderson has an uncanny ability to focus on the big picture , when all around , people are sweating the small stuff . He walks the same road we do, but with his wealth of knowledge and experience is able to lead the way . Michael has such vision for this business which he […]

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Sandra W. – Adelaide

Since joining the business about 5 months ago l have had continual support and encouragement of Michael Anderson. Michael has been with our company for 19 years, he is a Australia’s first Blue Diamond , and a member of the 5million dollar circle , he has also achieved the ultimate level of Team Elite Executive. […]

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John M.  Perth

I have known Michael as a true Leader of his business for over twelve years. Michael has reached the pinnacle of success with his business by setting the bar high and being a leader of himself. His work and dedication to being the best he can be has been an example of true inspiration to […]

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Wendy M. – Melbourne

Michael has the attributes  of a real leader …he’s a great listener , honest in communicating and leads by example. He is always most helpful and approachable in guiding myself and others in the best way to build our businesses. He provides great leadership to our group , motivating us to develop a vision for […]

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Here’s to you

Here’s to You!! The Misfits. The Rebels. The Troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is […]

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Julie D. – Singapore

Thank you! I have had the pleasure of Knowing Michael now for some 11 years. He has not only become a friend but a mentor in all aspects of my life. He continues to inspire me in many ways in my business life that makes my whole life so much better.

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Success.. What does it take?,How do we measure it?

Success in life can be measured in many ways. Happiness,Financial,spiritual? How do you measure Success?????

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Can you afford to educate your children at a private school?

The real cost of education Whether you decide to send your children down a private or public education path, the cost of teaching them the alphabet through to algebra can be expensive. Let’s talk $ Australian parents spend, on average, a total of $50,000 on their child’s education and childcare according to a report by […]

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2012 The best year yet!

Some people believe that leadership is a characteristic that you are born with. I believe leadership is about a decision and the decision is more important than the past. The decision is more important than the challenges and obstacles that you will face. The decision to become a leader is based on one thing – To […]

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