Michael’s Bio

Michael Anderson was first introduced to Nu Skin in June 1992 together with his father Peter. Having no experience in sales or MLM he was very sceptical, however a very old family friend, whom they had a lot of respect for, introduced them to it. Michael’s goal in life was to be self employed.

The scepticism continued until his first leadership cheque was received some five months later, and from that time onwards his belief level sky rocketed. Then with some careful planning, he and his father reached the level of Blue Diamond Executive in Australia some 14 months later.

In 1995 Michael followed the company’s expansion into Asia and was present at all of the company’s Asian openings between 1995 and 2005. “Having lived and travelled extensively within the region it has been such a great opportunity to learn the different cultures and the ways of doing business with these countries and people. You could say I became very street wise and met some very amazing people, and I have become fascinated with their way of life and have met some lifelong friends,” he says.

In 2006, Michael went into semi-retirement having fulfilled most of his goals in his Nu Skin business but he soon got very bored and restless. He looked around to find new challenges and soon worked out that the Nu Skin business was, and is, the most amazing business and way of life. What other business offers you a business with limited overheads, no staff, the ability to be your own boss and true leverage backed by a company with the financial strength that Nu Skin has?

At about the same time, Michael’s old friends, John and Giselle Sexsmith and Anton and Jonna Bonde were having amazing success with the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa in Europe. Michael got on a plane to the USA and spent some considerable time studying the Galvanic Spa, and more importantly looking at a technology that the company were about to introduce called ageLOC. He then realised that he was on the ground floor of possibly one of the most significant anti-ageing discoveries for many years, backed by a giant within the industry in Nu Skin.

October 2009 saw the pre-launch of ageLOC and the 25th anniversary of Nu Skin and some very exciting times! “The frenzy I witnessed in Los Angeles for the ageLOC product was nothing short of incredible, together with the sales in that short period.

“Here we are on the verge of the launch of the first ‘ageLOC inside product’, Vitality, and having trialled it now for one month, I am very excited about the growth that this product will generate.

Here in Australia, we are experiencing some amazing growth with the ageLOC Galvanic Spa and the ageLOC Transformation skin care system. I believe the key to our continued growth and momentum is the way that we incorporate the Vitality story into the ageLOC platform. It is yet another another incredible story to tell the world!

Nu Skin has an amazing Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) program for both distributors and customers and this is a vital part of our long term success month after month. ADR saves you time, money and allows you to try new products or your favourite products for free, as well as giving you a great platform in a business sense. I urge you all to understand and use this system because its benefits are quite unbelievable.

Nu Skin’s performance over the last 18 months is nothing short of outstanding. Being so cash rich and well managed has enabled us to ride the financial crisis and to grow the business month-on-month where other companies are struggling or collapsing.

I look forward to continued amazing growth here in Australia and thank all the leaders in my group in every state for their continued support, friendship and hard work.

With our ageLOC product platform I look forward to a market here in Australia expanding into at least a $100 million market within the next few years.” says Michael.

Michael would like to recognise his team in Australia and throughout the world who continue to challenge him to be a better leader. “I am lucky enough to have some amazing people in my team who have become great friends as well. They continue to inspire me to be a better leader and a better person and for that I thank them sincerely.”

Michael also wishes to thank his mentor, his immediate family, the amazing staff in the Sydney office and his partner Lisa for their continued support.