Life Changing Testimonial from a brand new Entrepreneur

15th March 2012

Dear Michael,

Since the birth of my third child who today is two and a half, I have struggled to regain my former self.  Low on energy, feeling ill all the time and trying every option available to me to regain my old self back.

From Naturopaths, Bowen Therapy, massages and the most ridiculous amounts of pills and potions including a low dose of antidepressant nothing has managed to work to date.  Things were so bad in fact that my second marriage ended as a result five months ago!

Two weeks ago my girlfriend introduced me to Vitality and to say this has been a life changing experience is an understatement.  I bounce out of bed, am ten times more productive and clear throughout the entire day and feel enthused about life and its opportunities again.

So much so that in the past two weeks I have halved my antidepressant medication so far with better results than my previous efforts by a long shot.  My skin feels amazing, I sleep better, my appetite has returned and I have stopped taking all the other “supplement” pills such as magnesium, iron, gingko and a truckload of panadol too.

The ultimate success is in the fact that my ex and I (who is also taking them now) are rekindling our once great love for each other and dating again.  The clarity and appreciation I feel for the smallest things is beyond measure and I’m sure I’ve achieved more in the past two weeks than I have in the past two years……

As a newly signed distributor, I’m excited about sharing this amazing product with everyone around me and I haven’t even starting talking about the wonderful skin products that are making me a feel a million dollars too..


Thank you Vitality!

Bring on life..


Jacqui P

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