Xiufeng Pei. Adelaide

Michael Anderson is a prosperity Millionaire, and true Entrepreneur. He has been mentoring and nurturing his team for over 19 years, with 100’s of distributors in his team around the world.

Michael has been passionately  helping his distributors to build their Nu Skin business.

Over the last 19 years, Michael has mastered the Nu Skin Business Fundamentals. Keep the business very simple, continually taking action and his leadership has been inspiring his entire team.

Michael also very passionate helping people are not so fortunate around the world. He donates a percentage of his income from his Nu Skin Business to Force for Good foundation (Nourish the Children).

So if you want to become successful in Nu Skin business and achieve your personal best in life,

You are very fortunate to have Michael as you mentor and coach!

Xiufeng Pei. Adelaide

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