Chris and Jane H. Cairns

Michael has been our partner, mentor, friend, and trainer for 12 years..and he has always been there for us … …whether on holidays, or O/S on business, he will give the time needed to sort out the challenge .We have a business growing in Adelaide and Cairns and he has been a wonderful dynamic support for  our group in Adelaide in our absence…providing inspiration and leadership , from Perth, and on the ground, at key stages in the development of our business….His pragmatic approach  of “do it now” and  “ keep it simple” is a great foil for  our  analysis paralysis.

He, through his experience ,has encouraged us,  & built our belief that we could develop  our business   remotely, and given us the confidence to build in multiple the team with his help to do this effectively…by continuously keeping us focussed  on what is important  in the big picture & avoiding the irrelevant dramas of everyday nuskin business life. We have always seen   our future business  growing into Asia..and Michael has  been the example and inspiration that this is attainable…through his extensive experience  working in Malaysia , Singapore , and China over 10 years.

Chris & Jane H. Cairns


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