2012 The best year yet!

Some people believe that leadership is a characteristic that you are born with. I believe leadership is about a decision and the decision is more important than the past. The decision is more important than the challenges and obstacles that you will face. The decision to become a leader is based on one thing – To be responsible for all the outcomes in your life.

The first step of leadership is to lead yourself by creating positive habits and to make a steadfast commitment to excellence.

The second step of leadership is to decide that there will be no excuses, no rationalizations and no justifications along the way in accomplishing your goals.

The third step of leadership is to judge your success by results… period. The compensation plan is driven by volumes and the strength of your network.

Opportunity is dressed in overalls and looks like work. You will be ahead of 50% of the population just by working hard. Work hard in your Nu Skin business by consistently filling your planner with appointments, consistently doing the basics, and consistently following through.

You will beat another 40% by being honest and conducting your business with integrity and truly believing in your business.

The last 10% of opportunity is up for grabs and that is the free enterprise system.

The business requires work, you have all heard the expression that there ain’t no free lunch. This business is not a get rich scheme and one thing that I do not like to hear said is “work smart, not hard”. This just isn’t true! Giselle and I worked “hard”. We worked long hours, paid the price and made sacrifices to achieve success. The key is to stay excited while working, to be excited while paying the price of success.

Some people may tell you “Success is in the System”. There is NO system that guarantees success. There is no system that makes you a winner. In fact none of your friends are going to make you a success either. You win by mastering the fundamentals of our business and committing to excellence.

Your attitude has more power in determining your success than any system in existence. Can you always show enthusiasm for your business? Can you always be excited especially when you do not feel like being excited. Hard won experience has shown me that 90 % of success is excitement, enthusiasm and energy.

In the spirit of being excited, I like to set a goal myself of going 24 hours without one negative thought. To live with no worries or fears for 24 hours. Give it a try – Set a goal of actively pursing positive thoughts for 24 hours.

One way to remain mentally positive is to have a clear picture in your mind of where you want to go. The pictures, the goals in your mind control your actions. If you have no place to go any road will get you there. Part of being positive is not about avoiding negatives, but actively and excitedly pursuing positives. You change you. You are your own leader, so look in the mirror!

Dream big, if you do not have a burning desire then average and mediocrity is the result. Total commitment is essential to achieving your personal goal. A total commitment gives you that extra ounce of courage that it takes to win.

The leaders, the winners are persistent, they follow through and they make a long term commitment. Success, winning is deciding to create the habits necessary to succeed and work at creating more positive habits. You start where you are right now. Start with what you have and then improve

The reality is that no one is coming to your rescue. You are the key, and when you decide to be a leader there are no excuses, no rationalizations, no justifications.

Take a look at where you were twelve months ago. Has your situation changed? You must make changes or you will be in the same place twelve months from now. Make a decision, make a conscious decision to be great, to reach toward your potential, be a leader and master the basics. For the business to get better you must get better and that begins with mental toughness and a personal commitment to personal excellence.

Success is created one step at a time- here is the age old question How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. We all know the saying but too often people fail to apply this lesson to their own lives. There is no sudden overnight success. Success is accomplished by building one step at a time.

As long as you do not quit, you can win. If I knew how much rejection, how much time I had to spend building the business, how many sacrifices I had to make, would I do this again? YES I would, I would do it 100 times! That is how great the reward is. As amazing as you think your dreams will be when you reach them, it is a thousand times better.

Be your own greatest leader, make no excuses, and be honest with yourself everyday. Your success doesn’t depend on anyone else, it depends on you. It depends on how much you love it, how much you want it, how much you believe in it, how determined you are to get it. You do have what it takes to make change in your life. Make 2012 your best year yet!

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